Jerusalem Botanical Gardens Scholarship

JBG plantings
JBG plantings

An exciting scholarship is offered  to work and study at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens in Israel for a qualified horticulturist who wants to broaden their knowledge of world plants and experience, while working in a different environment and culture .    Applicants should be enthusiastic about new experiences, be up for a challenge and willing to spend a minimum of 6 months in Israel and possibly up to one year (conditions apply). There is  accommodations offered in a shared apartment, a monthly living allowance and a return flight to the UK.

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens  cover approximately 45 acres and contain rare and endangered native plants as well as those from around the world, arranged in phyto-geographic groupings.  You can expect to work under the direction of the Head Scientist on the rare bulb collection and on conservation of native species and maintain the nursery, where you can practice and encourage good horticultural techniques.  If you think you have the energy, passion and interest to learn and grow away from home, email for an application form which you should return by 15 June 2013.  Interviews will be held in London  in July, with the scholarship beginning in the autumn.  For more information on the Jerusalem Botanical Garden, see or email the Friends.  To date, 115 scholarships have been offered to horticulturists from all over the world.

As a past recipient of this scholarship, I can say that it truly was an influential part of my education, and the amazing people, plants and landscapes that I came in contact with continue to have an effect on me to this day. If anyone else has had the opportunity to receive the JBG Scholarship, please let us know by sharing your experience with us.  -J

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

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