Sunday Clippings

An autumnal theme is beginning to emerge as cooler nights begin to drift slowly back into the weather. Grasses and late season perennials are the focal point of Le Jardin Plume and WSJ’s call for autumn gardening. Korean gardens, under-appreciated, are planted with native species, many of which inhabit gardens worldwide and contribute autumnal foliage and flowers (think maples, monkshoods, angelicas). American Potter Adam Silverman’s monograph will be published later this September and his ceramics are strongly textural. The Brits are enjoying what is left of summer in Alnwick in the North, and the last of blueberries are used in a tart.  Enjoy the last few weeks of warmth!

Islandmenu – Blueberry and Lemon Tart 

The Rise of Fall Gardening

Le Jardin Plume

Alnwick: welcome to the duchess’s Garden

Interview with American Potter Adam Silverman

Korean Gardens

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