Find the time, make the time..


“I try to find the opportunity to visit other gardens often. So much can be learned through constructive observation; it might be the way someone stakes something, strikes a cutting, or deals with weeds, the public, or deals with interpretation. It’s important to make time because it’s part of one’s continuing education to do that, to see what other people are doing, to see what they are up to, to learn the lessons both good or bad. Find the time, make the time, and organize the time so you can get to these functions and continue to educate yourself. All of these things you can learn at all different levels of horticulture.”  – Stephen Crisp

This weeks tip is brought to us from Stephen, and we leave you with a website that is great to utilize when searching for gardens to visit, wherever in the world that may be. is a great site that has been instrumental on planning many a day out to see, take note, and learn.

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