Sunday Clippings

Day of the Dead Gnome

  With Halloween being celebrated around the world, it has been an exciting, yet tiring week and weekend of friends and festivities.  Where ever you may be, we hope it was fun and safe for you and enjoy this weeks Sunday Clippings:

  • A 140-Acre Forest Is About to Materialize In the Middle of Detroit – @ The Atlantic Cities
  • Moments – @ Miss Pickering
  • Van Gogh Sunflowers Gather in London, Picasso Museum Delays, and More – @ BLOUINARTINFO
  • Upcoming Art Exhibitions in: New York City, Paris, Tokyo, London, and Berlin – @ the Wild Magazine
  • Sheer follies: a very British eccentricity – @ The Telegraph
  • A Visit to the Kitchen of Jam Master June Taylor – @ The WSJ
  • Berries from Heaven by Dan Pearson – @ The Guardian

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