Sunday Clippings


This week brings two floral features, an interview with Dutch-British florist Martin Bakker of Martin and the Magpie and Dutch still-life floral recreations at the dinner table, art happenings – Madrid street art, Dutch illustrator Merijn Hos, artist Helmut Newton, and science – the sad extinction of Western black rhino and the nose’s ability to decipher and recognize scents. Beatrix Potter’s garden and Heatherwick’s garden bridge across the Thames.  Ciao!

Heatherwick’s Garden Bridge Across the Thames – De Zeen Magazine

Going Dutch at Dinner – Garden Design

The Story Behind Helmut Newton Foundation – Another Man

Utrecht-based Illustrator Merijn Hos: A Wondrous World – Pull the Metal

Suso33’s New Mural at Madrid – Street Art News

The nose knows – Dazed Digital

Western Black Rhino declared extinct  – CNN

A Garden of Creature Comforts – NY Times

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