Sunday Clippings

Sunday Clippings

This week’s Sunday Clippings touches on André Le Nôtre, winter sowing at Gravetype Manor, the sensory delights of durian in Thailand and southeast Asia, climate change via an artist’s depiction of trees, beautiful holiday cards designed by artist-landscape architect, sculpturing fallen leaves into vessels, and a Polish-British’s post on her experiences working at Chanticleer and seeing other gardens in the greater Philadelphia area. Winter has surely arrived as we are experiencing our first snowfall in eastern US, and gray are the skies at this time of the year.

A tribue to André Le Nôtre, France’s king of formal landscape design @ FT

Winter Seed Sowing @ Gravetye Manor

A Love Letter to a Smelly Fruit @ NYTimes

When it comes to climate change, this artist lets the trees do the talking @ grist

Beautiful Holiday Cards by Preston Montague @ Etsy

Second Life: Turning Fallen Leaves into Planting Pots @ Fleuropean

How they do it in America@ Garden History Museum

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