wrap it up

simple materials

       Plain and simple, the holiday season is here and there’s no way around it. All the pressure and stress that is attached to it these days is something I find hard to relate to and I’ll be honest, I’d rather wrap a gift than buy one. Wrapping them is something enjoyable, and making an effort to slightly tailor the gift to the person receiving  is worth it when you see their face light up when it is handed to them.

I always try to find a way to incorporate a little bit of nature into what is being wrapped. I pressed multiple fern fronds in a large book and thought they would make a nice addition to a gift. I will give just a brief idea of how I did it, so you can leave it open to your own interpretation. It is my hope, that these boxes will be saved and used for other purposes during the rest of the year.

The materials used were not expensive and easy to find:

-colored boxes or plain

-square origami paper

-colored string

-fern fronds

Pick out a color of origami paper and arrange on the box, spray glue on. Next, I spray glued the ferns onto the boxes, using the whole frond for the small box and  just the pinna on the larger box. Simply wrap up in colored string, and you are done. Easy, quick, and the recipient will love you even more… Wishing you all a joyous holiday season!             x James

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