Sunday Clippings

Sunday Clippings

The first full week of January after the holidays brings a flood of different subjects from the cut flower locavore movement to Valencia’s architectural projects in limbo to horticulture’s uncertain future to European garden designers’ opinion of British gardens. Hopefully our readers’ minds are energized and recharged for 2014!

What European garden designers really think of Britain@Telegraph

Where to Find the Eight Masterpieces that inspired Jessica Chastian’s Vogue Cover@Vogue

Is horticulture a withering field?@Philly

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Exhibition is Knitted with Botanical Accuracy@WSJ

Shona Heath, Set Designer@BoF

Looking Forward to Future Successes@OttawaCitizen

Norman Foster promotes ‘cycling utopia@DeZeen

Valencia sues opera house architect as white elephants rots@ArchitectureLab

Mangroves March North@NYTimes

What will 2014 bring for gardeners@Telegraph

Floral Artist Rebecca Louise Law@Flowerona

The Farm-to-Centerpiece Movement@NYTimes

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