Cut Camellias

Striped Camellias in Kitchen Jar LQ copy

Provided that the unseasonably temperatures have not frosted or browned the flowers, camellias offer an early floral decadence matched only by peonies and dahlias later. The immaculate perfection of camellia flowers can look somewhat askew and discordant in free-flowing, naturalistic arrangements currently in vogue. If cut and placed as an individual bouquet, the flowers can be visually stunning with the handsome lustrous foliage. The vessel need not to be complicated as a simple jam jar, seen in the above image, gives an rustic edge to the formal-looking flowers.

Pick camellias when the bud is halfway to two-thirds open. Fully open flowers are fine for an one-day display, although they occasionally will last longer. Avoid white varieties, given their tendency to brown quickly after cutting especially if they are not handled carefully.

~ Eric

Fallen Striped Camellia Petals Close Up LQ

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