Sunday Clippings




The warmth of the spring days have been luring us outside, therefore we have less inclination to sit and read news on the screen! However, there are a few that catch our attention. Tim Richardson begins a new series on the Telegraph about new plant gurus, the first of which is Jimi Blake at Hunting Brook Gardens in Ireland. Allergy season hits full swing, and will influence our enjoyment of the outdoors. A biopic of Pablo Picasso has been cast with Antonio Banderas and Gwyneth Paltrow. Bees are too lured outside by the warmer days, and their beauty is highlighted by Another Magazine, and hollyhocks are still a while away, but their cheerful colors at inconceivable heights are necessary in a cottage garden or cut flower garden. Enjoy the beautiful days outside!

The new plant gurus: Jimi Blake @ Telegraph UK

When Will You Be Miserable During Allergy Season? @ Live Science

Antonio Banderas & Gwyneth Paltrow to play Picasso & Dora Maar in New Movie @ Art Market Monitor 

Hollyhock confidential @ Telegraph UK

The Magic of Bees @ AnotherMag

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