Sunday Clippings


This week’s Sunday Clippings is relatively short – would it be that longer sunnier warm days are luring us out more and more? The garden is at its fullest growth as we struggle to keep apace with weeds, staking, and planting before the heat slows things down except for tropicals and annuals. There is an article on the Italian estate and garden La Foce in Tuscany – seducing us with dreams of holidaying in the Tuscan countryside with its scenery, history, and food. On the sobering front, we have the fire that has destroyed the historic Glasgow School of Art, the need to protect plants growing on the verges of motorways in UK, and the deteriorating state of the Brazilian architect Roberto Burle Max’s gardens in Brazil. Lastly the art of mending is touched upon in the New Yorker! Stay cool!


Echoes of History at a Tuscan Estate @ NYTimes

Glasgow School of Art: Fire Crews Battle to Save Building @ BBC News

Why is it important to protect those plants braving our motorways @ FT Times

Work of Landscape Architect Burle Marx under threat in Rio @ Folha de S.Paulo

The Art of Mending @ New Yorker



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