There is no other place that I go to where I feel as motivated as I do when I am at DeWiersse, it recharges my creativity to full capacity.  It is a difficult balance but I manage as best as I can, all of the sketching, photography, gardening, and arranging.  It a great pleasure to be in such a beautiful environment that I find it hard to sit still, there is too much to do, to see, to enjoy. I drink it all up like a dry sponge and try to capture as much as I can in my sketchbooks. I alternate my materials between pen, pencil, colored pencil, and watercolor but the subject is always the same, the breathtaking beauty of DeWiersse and the surrounding Dutch countryside. I would happily spend the rest of my life filling up books with these scenes if it were up to me. Enjoy the journey of the garden through sketches… – James

l.- detail of Van Gogh painting and r.- the unfinished view from the lime garden into the rose garden (colored pencil)
neighboring farmhouses (watercolor and pencil)
chicken breeds kept at DeWiersse (colored pencil)
Taxus Lan (Taxus Lane) and The Discus Thrower (both colored pencil)
Kitchen garden gate and Rhubarb in cloche (colored pencil)
The high fountain from the bridge and garden vistas across the ponds (colored pencil)
relaxed Flopsy (pencil/watercolor) and down the front drive (pen)
the Oaks with setting sun (colored pencil)
DeWiersse, front view (colored pencil)
garden ornament details (colored pencil)
the symmetrically sheared hedge in the rose garden (c.p.)
West Lawn view, from lawn to grazing land (c.p.)
The Yew walk through the hay meadow towards wild garden (c.p.)
borrowed landscape with stone steps, looking towards farmland (c.p.)

5 thoughts on “DeWiersse”

  1. So inspiring–to garden (harder!), to observe, and to try to capture the essence of lovely spaces in sketches (even if we are not as talented as you). I love this blog. Thank you.

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