Dutch Delights

“The Ski Style”

Riding my bike through parts of the Dutch countryside is a favorite, venturing out on the weekends for long rides, clocking in at 6 hours one Sunday. There isn’t always a final destination, but just choose which sandy road looks the most beautiful, has the nicest allee, a large farm in the distance,  road that has a water course running parallel to it, etc. With the land being so flat, it’s easy to go for long periods, exploring the back roads that often cross through small towns and villages.  When going through these villages, I’m always amazed to see the varied types of architecture from traditional, to more modern and how the gardens seem to embody the same character.  Seeing so many I  start to question why I like it, why I don’t, or what would I do different. I have plenty more of these photos but thought I would share these with you, as an extension of my love for our Tuesday’s Terrace series. They make me smile, laugh, and the occasional cringe too, but to see people put in such effort is enough for my applause. Any favorites, would love to hear?    – James

“The 50’s Throwback”
“The Couldn’t Decide On Anything”
“The Asymmetrical”
“The Hider”
“The Relaxed”
“The Serious”
“The Amsterdam”
“Country Cottage”
“Trippy House”
and my favorite,”The Single Digit”, with one conifer and one Digitalis

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