Sunday Clippings


The last of the summer holiday (Labor Day weekend in US) has passed and things have returned to normalcy as kids return to school, employees report to work regularly, and stores are stocked with the latest fall and winter fashions. By no means have warm days disappeared – today’s mercury will hit at least 90 degrees F as if summer refuses to loosen its grip for fall. This week’s Sunday Clippings mixes equal parts of art (exhibitions and video introspectives)  and horticulture (garden profiles, plant profiles).

16 Flowers Named for Celebrities @ Architectural Digest

How to grow echinaceas, those lazy, crazy daisies of summer @TelegraphUK

Extremadura’s Moon Lemons @FT

Melbourne Garden: Chris Cobbett, Jonathan Cebon and Family @TheDesignFiles

The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec at MoMA @BlouinArtInfo

Top Maddest Gardens @TelegraphUK

Ceramics masters at work @Kottke

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