As the mercury drops, so does one expect to see a chilling reminder of its presence. And for a coastal peak in sunny Southern California, an unusual cold snap brings about a frosting of white. Locals remark in awe from their boardwalk at how one night of frost weeks prior has resulted in such snow drift so close to their beachside living. Nothing seems to make sense, the swaying palm trees are unscathed and Angelenos are walking around in their normal January attire of shorts and sandals, yet the seemingly endless sandy beaches are flanked by these frosted peaks. Curious minds dare to investigate this rare showing of winter, but find a floral display just as rare of an occurrence as snow. Ceanothus cunneatus, synced together by that one chilling night blankets the scrubby hillsides in white. The honey-like fragrance of their blooms fills the air, and for a couple short weeks the beachside residents enjoy this winter white that they tried so hard to escape. ~Ryan Guillou


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