Sunday Clippings


This week’s Sunday Clippings combines the previous week’s as well, given a holiday interlude. Christmas evidently is not far off as mistletoe harvesters begin their annual ritual of collecting mistletoe branches for the holiday smooch fest. Terrariums sustain us through winter when we crave warmth and greenery as the garden is silenced by cold. Real estate value seems proportional to the number and age of the trees on the property, and a bit of bees’ history is revealed in scientific drawers. The Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake has created these unreal pleats that resemble flowers. Stay warm and enjoy the Sunday Clippings!

Christmas: meet the modern-day mistletoe harvesters @ Telegraph UK

Chicago’s Wall of Respect: how a mural elicited a sense of collective ownership

Pleats Designed to Look Like Flowers in Issey Miyake Campaign @SpoonTamago

Growing with plants gardening blog: MAKING A REAL, WORKING TERRARIUM @GrowingwithPlants

Clues to Bees’ History, Tucked Away in Drawers@NYTimes

A Lifesaving Transplant for Coral Reefs @NYTimes

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