Sunday Clippings


While the West Coast US is experiencing abnormally warm seasonal temperatures, the Northeast US continues to be in throes of winter (despite a mild respite this past weekend) when another blast of Arctic air flows towards the end of this week. However, the multiple flower shows throughout the country is already stirring spring fever, and catalogs are already arriving in mailboxes. Seeds have already been sowed and pricked out in greenhouses. This week covers some art (Picasso’s art on the market, and Cristian Chironi’s architectural project) and a reminder that seed starting should be done soon in mid February for cool season vegetables.

At Plant-O-Rama in Brooklyn, the Message Was That Beauty Is No Longer Enough @ NYTimes

Cristian Chironi Begins His Project “My House Is a Le Corbusier”@ ArchDigest

Picasso’s Granddaughter Plans to Sell Art, Worrying the Market @ NYTimes

For the seed-loving gardener, spring starts now @ Washington Post

An Internationally Renowned Sculptor Returns to His Down-Home Roots@ NYTimes




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