Tuesday’s Terrace: Portugal

IMG_3642Usually around the middle of February is when the colder months start to get to me from spending more time indoors than out.  My mind starts thinking of warmer, sunnier days and wanderlust kicks in too, a sense of escape from the current climate, the anywhere but here syndrome. So this weeks edition of Tuesday’s terrace has all of those bases covered.  Let’s imagine ourselves in Portugal, admiring that bright pop of color bougainvillea is providing for us while we feel the hot sun on our backs. Yes, the architecture is gorgeous, yes, we love vacation, ooh those plants, but this weeks Tuesday’s terrace is less about that and is more in favor of daydreaming about that seasonal feeling of summer heat, that warmth that is felt when it is absorbed by stone and radiates from the ground below lapping at our skin. It’s nice to dream of the warmer months ahead… Counting down the days (here)…..  – James

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