Sunday Clippings


The West Coast was already in full spring mode while the East Coast is still trying to pull itself from winter’s gasp. In Seattle and Portland, I witnessed camellias, daphnes, magnolias, and daffodils in flower during mild temperatures of mid 50s to 60s F. The polytunnels of hellebores at Northwest Garden Nursery were just colorful enough to brighten our expressions soured by the brutal winter in the East Coast. It seems that the impatience for spring has produced a hive of activity spurred by cabin fever – floral arrangements, spring foraging for cooking, botanical illustrations, and garden photography fill this week’s edition of Sunday Clippings. ~ Eric


The Renaissance of Flower Design – Celebrating Florists Across the World @AnotherMag

The original forager: Miyamasou @WSJ

Two New Cezanne Drawings Discovered at the Barnes Foundation Museum @NYTimes

Incredible drawings at the RHS London Botanical Art Show @TelegraphUK

Mariella McKinley @TheDesignFiles

Uncharted Sandscape @AnotherMag

A Former Fashionista’s Life as a Florist Booms @NYTimes

 What makes a winning garden photo? @TelegraphUK


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