Top 5 Tuesday’s Terrace

Cordoba, Tuesday's Terrace

  1. Tuesday’s Terrace is a foliage lover’s delight, proving that when using potted plants correctly in the right environment, flowers need not be necessary. Using textures and silhouettes as the focus , these groupings of plants such as Asparagus densiflorus, Monstera deliciosa, Palm, Bergenia, Clivia miniata and ferns create a serene environment in this Spanish courtyard in Cordoba. (all links in green)

DeWiersse, The Netherlands, Tuesday's Terrace    2. This terrace at DeWiersse, in the Netherlands, is a place to be pensive, a place where good memories are created and linger. From the pots displayed  on  the steps,  all the way into the woods beyond, your eyes and mind are free to wander as far back as you wish them to.

San Francisco, Tuesday's Terrace  3.This week’s Tuesday’s Terrace comes from our friends over at Ice Cream Social who snapped this picture for us while traveling in San Francisco.  This small space evolved  a gloomy situation into a beaming walkway filled with bright and vivid colors, ensuring a smile whether  coming or going.

Taiwan, Tuesday's Terrace4. Here plants spill forth from the storefront in Jiufen, Taiwan, tempting visitors in this popular tourist destination to purchase a pot of camellia or chrysanthemum as a memento. Each inch of space has been maximized for full effect and dissipates the notion of ‘no terrace is too small for a plant or two’.  Inside the store, pots, tools, and garden accessories are displayed and can be bought as well.

New Jersey, Tuesday's Terrace5. This Tuesday Terrace demonstrates the beauty of using annual vines in underused spaces. In the portico of the house at Meadowburn Farm, Quill planted and trained two Cobaea scadens (cup and saucer vine) up the columns. It is a good way of utilizing vertical space often wasted and gives the portico a softer feel to its white starkness.

If you would like to know how to submit an image for  Tuesday’s Terrace, click here – submissions   – Plinth et al.

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