Floral Friday- Sweet Portugal Mix

Floral FridaysSome flowers stand well enough on their own to make a statement, without the addition of other foliage and flowers. These Sweet Williams, Dianthus barbatus, enhance the simple but beautifully adorned Portuguese pottery. Taking the same flower and just mixing with other varieties of itself proves successful.  Hope you have enjoyed this Floral Friday…- James

2 thoughts on “Floral Friday- Sweet Portugal Mix”

  1. I saved seeds until I had a pure white. Now I need to go back the other way again to the dark colors. I like auricular eyed Dianthus barbatus, too.

    1. That’s dedication to save seeds until white. I am just greedy and really like them all, especially putting them all together in a vase. In what part of the world are you growing your Dianthus? Happy to hear you are a Dianthus fan too. – James

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