Hummelo Revisited, A Pictorial

Hummelo, SkyIn September of 2009, while living in the Netherlands, I was fortunate to visit Piet Oudolf’s nursery in Hummelo twice, which was located not too far from DeWiersse.  I was able to visit once with Laura, from DeWiersse, and the second time with my good friend Tom Coward, head gardener at Gravetye Manor.  It is a pity when you visit nurseries in other countries, seeing so many plants you wish you could have but, alas, cannot travel with or bring back. I am pleased to have in my possession the beautiful and informative purple nursery catalog, which has continued to be an excellent source of information for me. The catalog has been a great key for identifying many of the plants he continues to use in his gardens throughout the different countries I have seen them – Holland, England, and U.S., especially in my hometown of NYC at the High Line.  Every time I move, I make sure this catalog is with me.  In 2014, I saw Piet Oudolf speak about the plantings at the High Line in the Garden History Museum in London. I was able to have coffee with him after the lecture (due to the wonderful Stephen Crisp) and Anja Oudolf, his wonderful wife, was insistent upon letting people know that the nursery was now closed. The decision seems appropriate since there is more than enough international projects to keep them busy.  With Eric’s beautifully descriptive explanation of the new book Oudolf Hummelo, I felt I had to share these images of a striking garden since I have never had the opportunity before. I have not labeled the images, for it is merely to enjoy, but if you are curious to know a combination, leave a note in the comments section below. – James

Hummelo, Hedge and House

Hummelo, Plant Groupings and PathHummelo, Plant GroupingsHummelo, Plant Groupings and hedgeHummelo, Piet OudolfHummelo, Plant Grouping Detail

Hummelo, Plant Groupings and GrassesHummelo, Plant Groupings and BloomsPiet Oudolf and famous Hedges, HummeloHummelo, Grass Groupings Along Path, Piet Oudolfjimmy 074

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