Sojourn* St. John, Baobab & Johnny Panessa

Johnny Panessa, St. John, Baobab tree- Plinth et al.

“I awoke early, like I do every vacation day. Just as the sun was creeping up, I read about the last Baobab tree left on St. John. I sipped my morning elixir repetitively. In between pulls from my coffee cup I read a sentence at a time. I learned that the slaves from West Africa planted seeds around the plantations.These were some of the only few Baobabs in the Americas. This specific survivor is the last on St. John but a few more exist in USVI over on St. Croix. The map lines I was fingering equated an hour walk from where I was sitting to the Seiban Plantation. This beauty stands adjacent to the plantation ruins. I grabbed some cameras, too little water and refilled my coffee to a miniscus. I sweat and heavy breathed through the hills and found the trail-head to Seiban. Having a destination had me pushing forth through the extreme heat as I was battling a severe case of dry-mouth. I found it out there, photographed its curvy body and returned to the rental house 2 hours later. I arrived before anyone else wanted a coffee.” – Johnny Panessa

links to:  Johnny Panessa Bio & Instagram

Sojourn*  is a mood piece consisting of one image accompanied by a short story capturing the time and place of a certain travel memory of a recent trip or one from the past, from anywhere around the world.  To submit your piece to Plinth et al. click here.

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