Tuesday’s Terrace: Brooklyn

Brooklyn Garden, plinth et al.

Feeling a bit nostalgic this week so I decided to reach back to my days in Brooklyn, NY for this weeks Tuesday’s Terrace.   Situated next to an old church in BedStuy, this Brooklyn garden was 700sq feet of pure joy for me.  What started as a blank canvas in the beginning turned into this dense garden over the course of just 2 years.  With one side of the garden bordered by the church and its stain glassed windows, it felt a world away from NYC, which is a next to impossible feat.  I wanted the mood of the garden to be a bit wild, as if encountering a garden that was left unattended for many years, but still thriving.  It was difficult in the beginning because there was no water source in the garden and everything needed to be hand watered, but I let that problem help define my plant palette, and chose plants that could withstand drought once established.  I often wonder what it looks like now and how much it has filled out.  Below is a before and after.  – James (link)


7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Terrace: Brooklyn”

    1. I think I enjoy the challenge of a small space, it’s very large spaces that can seem daunting to me. I guess working within the confines of something helps me problem solve better. – James

  1. I remember visiting you here right when you got the place and it was a blank slate! i almost thought about moving back to the city for this garden, it was so appealing. nice to see what you did with it.

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