Tuesday’s Terrace: Brooklyn revisited


It’s been a long time since my last visit home to NYC, so this week’s image for Tuesday’s Terrace is a current photo of my old Brooklyn Garden (featured here before). I have been back in Madrid only a week now but 3 years ago was the last time I visited friends and family at home in New York.  Spending time in this garden of my creation was just as important to me, for a number of reasons.  When I created the garden there was no water source out there, the soil was poor and I wanted to choose tough plants that could handle their own once I got them established,  so I was very curious to see how my planning panned out.  Surprisingly everything had filled in beautifully, looked tough as nails, and had seemed as if it was growing there for a lot longer than it was, I first starting planting it about 6 years ago.  After moving away, my two good friends took over the apartment and garden. Between all of us, the garden has hosted many visitors and happy times, quiet times, parties, barbecues, dinners and most recently, a good friends wedding, with which we used some material from the garden for in our arrangements.  It was such a pleasure seeing it all come full circle.  Though the world works in a funny way though, where change is the only constant. Just a few days after returning to Madrid, my friend living there messaged me that the landlord has just put the building up for sale, its fate soon to be determined.  Hearing this news was like a punch in the stomach, what would happen to my old garden, would it disappear.  Only time will tell, but I do know that I will always remember that garden as one that taught me a lot and brought many smiles to many faces proving the powerful tonic of a green space full of wonderful plants.  – James

Brooklyn Garden

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Terrace: Brooklyn revisited”

  1. This is really a nice place and it were such a waste having it dug up. I am surprised to recognize almost every plant you used. Is NY climate similar to Berlin climate? I really should look up the globe…

    1. Thank you lyart, your words mean a lot. I imagine the climates might not be too different, though keep in mind city gardens can be more protected when it comes to the micro-climates that can be created there. Glad you were able to recognize the plants too. Do you have a garden in Berlin? – James

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