Sunday Clippings


The mornings have started to become more crisp, the foliage is beginning to change and we are enjoying the beauty that autumn has to offer.  It is a chance to slow down, pull out your favorite sweaters and catch up on some favorite reading.  We reach far and deep with this weeks edition of Sunday Clippings, sharing some really interesting stories this week from around the globe.  Click on the links below to enjoy. Have a wonderful Sunday..- James

2 thoughts on “Sunday Clippings”

  1. Wow, I love the contrast in scale between those two floral art installations: the sheer grandeur of Raf’s delphiniums for Dior, then the humbler but no less moving tableaus at the Flower House.

    1. It’s always fascinating to see how people interpret their ideas so differently when working with plants, isn’t it Caleb? This is exactly why I love to see as many gardens as possible, so I can see things I would have never thought of. Floristry is no different to me either. – James

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