Tuesday’s Terrace: Holiday Style


We close this year out in true Plinth et al. holiday style with our last Tuesday’s Terrace of 2015, a fountain piled high with festive greens in a Spanish courtyard.  Out came the running water and in went the evergreen branches and all the trimmings to celebrate the holidays. We raise a glass and toast and celebrate with you, to all of your successes, travels and joyous occasions of this year and  wish upon you many more in the next one. We also take this time to wish for and perpetuate more peace,  joy and understanding in the World.

It’s important for us to say thanks to you too, our readers and compatriots in this ongoing conversation about art and horticulture and for continuing the conversation with us.  Each of your comments, likes and shares always put a smile on our face, as it is a reflection of your taste and what subjects suit and interest you most.    Thank you for a wonderful 2015!

We will continue sharing interesting articles and tidbits that we come across but will be back in the New Year with our regular posts and some new and exciting subjects too.  Stay in touch with us and follow some of our shenanigans here too, Eric and James .    See you in 2016!

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Terrace: Holiday Style”

  1. All the best to you for the season, and for 2016. Have really enjoyed your articles, interviews and photographs…Very inspiring! Started a small blog myself this year…(very much a work in progress), so am beginning to appreciate the dedication and effort required. Look forward to savouring your posts in the year ahead : )

    1. Thank you for your words Jo and we are pleased to hear your thoughts. We look forward to hearing about your blog in the near future! A safe and happy holiday season to you…. – James

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