besides narcissism


In keeping with the narcissus theme this week,  we turn to another use for a mirror besides fawning over your own reflection. Who doesn’t love a good mirror trick? Anytime there are large drifts of snowdrops I can’t resist to cut some to bring indoors.  The soft sweet smell they emanate is similar to honey, and the fine beauty can be appreciated once brought closer to eye-level.  There is more beauty when you look under the bloom, at the inner segments, where one can appreciate the different details, in markings, shapes and colors many of them possess.  These differences are what drive galanthophiles crazy when collecting the tiny bulbs.  In order to see these differences more easily I have started placing the arrangements on top of a mirror, getting the best of both worlds.  I have heard that when visiting gardens, some galanthophiles walk around outside with mirrors attached to canes and just move the mirror underneath the blooms so they can forgo having to get on their knees while still noting the unique traits each clump has.  Saves for dirty knees too.

This trick works well for a table during a meal or drinks with friends, plant lovers or not, who can enjoy the blooms more than they would outside. It can be used for other downward facing blooms, like Helleborus, which are just as beautiful when admired up close and am sure there are other blooms that would benefit from this arrangement too. Any suggestions?  – James