Tuesday Terrace: A Swedish terrace


To my surprise, roses thrive in the northern latitudes of Sweden and Denmark where their foliage is blemish-free due to the lack of humidity and cool summers. The Swedes evidently love them as they often graced the front entrances of homes especially in the college city of Lund, a hour away from Copenhagen, Denmark. Here a standard tree-rose has been tucked in at the right corner, and the yellow flowers are complementary to the pale blue door. Without question, one would smile coming home as if flowers are liable to brighten our expressions.  ~ Eric

Tuesday’s Terrace: A streetside box of spring color in Philadelphia


During a warm spring walk in Philadelphia last year, I happened upon this planting generously crammed with tulips of bright hot colors that literally sang against the faded brick building. The morning light enlivened the emerging foliage of the ginkgo and the translucent petals of the tulips, making me at the promise of longer summer days ahead. ~ Eric

Tuesday’s Terrace: Holiday Style


We close this year out in true Plinth et al. holiday style with our last Tuesday’s Terrace of 2015, a fountain piled high with festive greens in a Spanish courtyard.  Out came the running water and in went the evergreen branches and all the trimmings to celebrate the holidays. We raise a glass and toast and celebrate with you, to all of your successes, travels and joyous occasions of this year and  wish upon you many more in the next one. We also take this time to wish for and perpetuate more peace,  joy and understanding in the World.

It’s important for us to say thanks to you too, our readers and compatriots in this ongoing conversation about art and horticulture and for continuing the conversation with us.  Each of your comments, likes and shares always put a smile on our face, as it is a reflection of your taste and what subjects suit and interest you most.    Thank you for a wonderful 2015!

We will continue sharing interesting articles and tidbits that we come across but will be back in the New Year with our regular posts and some new and exciting subjects too.  Stay in touch with us and follow some of our shenanigans here too, Eric and James .    See you in 2016!

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!

Tuesday’s Terrace: Barcelona




Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona… It’s been a few years since I last visited this city so I thought it appropriate to share with you a few terraces that I have been seeing on my trip.  This visit is for a bit of fun and work, as I am keeping an eye out for inspiration for a new terrace I am designing back in Madrid.

Barcelona has more moisture in the air due to the Mediterranean Sea and is less dry than centrally located Madrid.  This first terrace is a lush green haven, protected in part by the fact it is on a second and third floor of an old corner building in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona. I look at this terrace and see lots of wonderful greens to cut for inside the house. A lush and tropical green paradise in a sea of stone buildings.

The  second terrace is viewed from a tower of the La Sagrada Familia and as we climbed higher and higher up my sites turned to scanning rooftops for private gardens.  There weren’t many to see due to my limited view but loved this one terrace below, on the right.  I could just imagine creating something wonderful with that empty canvas and the the small structure in the center. Pergolas covered in grapes, fountains, with the church being the main vista for the garden.  Or there is the other terrace on the left which made me smile, for it’s use of astroturf  large purple and mustard yellow fountain, seemingly it’s most important feature of the terrace. Or maybe it’s a pool? Either way, it’s always enjoyable to see how well, or not, others use their terrace and garden spaces.  Enjoy.. –  James (Instagram)



Tuesday’s Terrace: Autumn Cheer from Firethorn, Philadelphia, PA

unnamedInfrequently seen in gardens due to its fire blight susceptibility, Pyracantha (firethorn) here has been meticulously trained as an espalier over the front entry of a Society Hill home in Philadelphia. Its orange berries add a festive autumnal touch especially when Halloween is around the corner. The mums, while colorful, seem to be an afterthought in the glowing spectacle of the firethorn. ~ Eric

Tuesday’s Terrace: Toledo Style

Palacio de Galiana, ToledoThis Tuesday’s Terrace takes us to the city of Toledo, Spain at the Palacio de Galiana.  From the cool interior we are able to savor both the garden and architecture, with the archway framing straight lines and referencing the similar shape of the cypress trees.  We are able to appreciate the bands of green and the columnar trees that pierce through to a blue sky.  – J

Tuesday’s Terrace: Hydrangeas and Petunias in Greece Part II


This terrace planting is gunning for boldness in the bright magenta flowers of Hydrangea macrophylla and the colorful froth of petunias on the right. The contrast is made more striking by the pale walls and stucco roof of this otherwise ordinary Greek residence. One can see what is a productive vegetable garden with cucumbers and tomatoes in the front. Utility and beauty can be best to describe the dual aims of this Greek terrace.  ~ Eric